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Martha's Vineyard Schools

When you move your family to a new community the schools can be an important part of your decision in where you want look for a home. The Island has exceptional educational opportunities for children of any age. Here you will find information on the various Island schools.

Educational opportunities on the island include public and private schools. Each town has a public elementary school and there is a public Charter school which serves children from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Public Elementary schools in Vineyard Haven, West Tisbury, Oak Bluffs and Edgartown include grades Kindergarten to 8th. While Chilmark's elementary school runs from Kindergarten to 5th grade at which time the children attend West Tisbury schools for 6th - 8th grade. Aquinnah children attend Chilmark schools.

Martha's Vineyard Regional High School

Martha's Vineyard Regional High School

P.O. Box 1385, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557
(508)693-1033, ext. 121

Principal: Stephen G. Nixon Guidance Director: Michael G. McCarthy

Guidance Counselors: Shauna Nute, Mary MacDonald, John Fiorito, Jeffrey Agnoli, Amy Lilavois


• largest resort island in New England

• 23 miles long and 9 miles wide, 6 towns

• located 7 miles off southeast coast of Massachusetts

• ethnically, socially and heterogeneous population

• winter population 15,007, summer population 105,624


• 4 yr. secondary school serving all 6 island communities

• 720 students served by 90 professional educators

• twice nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School

• comprehensive high school including vocational tech., alternative ed.

program and fully staffed ESL program


Programs are college preparatory, business education, vocational technology. Homogeneous grouping predominates. A minimum of 120 credits are required for

graduation as well as successful passing of state mandated testing (MCAS) in English and Math. Considerable depth of study – the equivalent of 4 to 6 years may be acquired in many major subjects as well as offered AP courses. A full range of remedial services are also available to students.

Course Requirements Elective Course Offerings AP Course Offerings

English 4 yrs. Dramatic Arts Auto Technology English US History

Social Studies 3.5 yrs. Visual Arts Construction Technology Spanish European History

Math 2 yrs. Music Early Childcare Education Biology World History

Science 2 yrs. World Languages Horticulture Physics Music Theory

PE 4 yrs. Business Education Food Prod. Mgt. & Services Chemistry French

Health 0.5 yrs. Consumer Education Apprenticeship, Mentorship Calculus

Computer Science 0.5 yrs. Computer Science School to Career/Work Study Statistics

Oak Bluffs Public School

The Town and School
The first school in Oak Bluffs was built in 1761 and was attended by children from all over the Island. Today, the Oak Bluffs School (K-8) population has grown to over 460 and is currently housed in a brand new $12.9 million, state of the art facility. The school is a focal point of the community, supported by townspeople, parents, and governed by a three member school committee. The School Advisory Council and an active PTO also play strong roles in creating a positive atmosphere for learning. At the Oak Bluffs School education of the future is underway.

The Town of Oak Bluffs
In the 1800's the Town of Oak Bluffs was known as Cottage City. It was founded as a summer religious retreat growing over the years to become a year round community of over 4,000 residents. Today it continues to be a popular summer resort where people from all cultures come together.

Academic Excellence
Academic excellence and consistent, high expectations for each student to do her/his personal best are hallmarks of our school. Teachers work closely with parents to meet the individual needs and styles of each learner.

Achieving Excellence
Thematic units are structured in all classrooms, linking the curricular areas of math, science, social studies to reading, writing, and the arts.

Students' researched based writing is published from kindergarten through the eighth grade.

In our child-centered school, the staff works to support the needs of each student in the classroom and endeavors to provide enrichment in a multicultural context for all.

Time is provided to address social issues including conflict resolution, drug and alcohol education, and decision making skills.

The faculty at the Oak Bluffs School is experienced and is dedicated to ongoing professional development supported by a strong commitment to in-service activities for teachers.

The Social Curriculum
Our philosophy on student social behavior revolves around the notion that social interactions and appropriate behaviors can and must be taught in a supporting and caring environment.

The classroom becomes the focus of teaching the social curriculum where students engage in the process of creating rules for a safe social environment and also becomes a community where each child can learn. In this community, they are known and supported.

Logical consequences for not following the rules become the restraining factor that allows students to self monitor their behavior. This is coupled with the notion that the students must then make reparations to become once more a part of the social structure.

At the Oak Bluffs School, technology is well on its way to becoming a powerful tool for learning in the information age and the 21st Century.

With computers in every classroom and a well equipped computer laboratory, the school has an internal network connecting these computers for printing and file sharing purposes. The school is also connected to the Internet through a T1 line to provide access to all the information resources available for research and collaborative learning projects.

The school's multimedia capability allows for the creation of portfolios that show the true capabilities of our students.

By providing access to this technology, we hope to increase the educational equity in our school by allowing children the opportunity to learn in different ways and demonstrate their learning in authentic ways.

Curriculum Development
Our on-going efforts in curriculum development have begun in the area of math and will continue with other disciplines. Our efforts to research and implement the best current learning practices are part of our staff's commitment to life long learning. By involving staff from all grade levels and specialties, we are establishing a coherent and coordinated learning framework suited to our students and the world of the future.

Should you have any questions regarding the Oak Bluffs School, please feel free
to contact:
The Oak Bluffs School                                   www.oakbluffsschool.com                           
P.O. Box 1325
Oak Bluffs, MA 02557