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The Listing Appointment


Because there are many real estate companies to choose from, as you interview various agents for the opportunity to sell your property, you should look for someone who can effectively market your property and with whom you feel comfortable.


What should you expect from a listing appointment?

A listing appointment can take place in one session or two.  Usually, an agent will want to set up two separate meetings.  This gives the agent a chance to meet you, inspect your home, discuss your property, return to the office to do research, and then return for a second meeting to present you with a competitive market analysis.

A thorough competitive market analysis should include the following elements:

  • Sample listing sheet of your property
  • Town assessor's information
  • Property sales analysis:  multiple comparable sales with different methods of analyzing value.
  • Broker opinion of value: a range of value for your house with explanation.
  • New construction analysis (for homes):  what it would cost to build a new house comparable to yours.
  • Competing properties for sale:  listing sheets of properties presently for sale that would compete with the sale of your property 
  • Marketing strategy and related factors
  • Estimated seller proceeds
  • Marketing time line

Click here for a competitive market analysis of your property.

As you and the agent review the market analysis, ask questions as you have them!  Part of this meeting should be a discussion about commission and sales price.  You have the right to negotiate both items.  Once you choose the agent who is the right match for you, you will need to sign a listing agreement.  You are now well on the way to selling your property!