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Why Use a Buyer's Agent?


At RE/MAX® on island, we always work as buyers' agents when helping buyers. This allows us to speak frankly and confidentially with you about values and condition of property.

As buyers' agents, we offer you the following client-level services:

  • Obedience: We are obedient to your lawful instruction.
  • Undivided Loyalty:  We are loyal to you.  We put your interests above our own.
  • Disclosure:  What we know, you know. 
  • Reasonable Care and Diligence:  We protect you from foreseeable risks by informing you of all pertinent information about the property, recommending inspections, writing offers to purchase with protective clauses, and referring you to other professionals when needed.
  • Accountability:  We keep track of your money and your paperwork.
  • Confidentiality:  Keeping all of your information confidential is our highest responsibility.  

In the process of looking for a home, we provide you with valuable information about the market.  Prior to negotiating an offer on your behalf, we give you a competitive market analysis to help you make an informed decision about your offer. 

In exchange for pledging your loyalty to us by signing a Buyer Contract, we offer you our knowledge, experience, and valuable insight on the buying process, market trends, and current properties for sale.