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New Homes Construction


Are you having trouble finding that perfect island home?

Have you considered building? With the right builder you can end up with a home built to your specifications and then have years of worry free, maintenance free use.  We can help you find the ideal building lot and recommend a reputable builder.

Construction costs vary widely depending on size, quality of finish, extent of landscaping and location of the lot.  Estimating a "cost per square foot" is something many builders do  not like to discuss. Construction cost here on the island are changing so please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to discuss.

The builders we recommend have many years of experience building on the island and personal experience tells us they will keep you within the budget and, barring any weather issues, will deliver the home in a timely manner.  Additionally, by working with us on your build project, you will have another "set of eyes" to keep you up to date on progress.


We have no new construction featured at this time on the web site.